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Common FAQ questions
Q1: Are you a distributor, re-seller, Trading, or manufacturer company?
Ans: We are a specialized as well as popular and famous all over the world to manufacture, supplier and wholesaler of gaming chairs, office chairs, and mesh office chairs, armchairs and sofas ( one KD, Two KD Sofa). We also do direct business with our customers. 
Q2: Do you provide OEM and ODM services? 
Ans: Yes, both OEM and ODM are cordially allowed. The material, color, and style may all be customized, and we'll recommend a basic number once we chat or discuss.
Q3: Could you customize the customer’s own logo?
Ans: Yes, Of Course, we can create a customized logo, based on the customer's specifications.
Q4: Are you able to create the customers own packaging?
Ans: Yes, all we do, the customers provide the packaging design, and we'll do the rest because we believe in 100% customers satisfaction.
Q5: How several unique types of products does your company produce?
Ans: For the time being, we have over 200 categories of furniture. We have a tremendous OEM advantage; simply provide us with the actual items or your idea or requirement, and we will provide them for you.
Q6: Would you kindly tell detail about the quotation(price and inquiry)?
Ans: We usually respond with a price or quotation or E-Catalogue within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry.
Q7: What is your minimum order quantity? 
Ans: If we have plenty of items in stock, there will be no minimum order quantity. If we need to produce or make some orders, we may talk about the MOQ with the buyer. But buyers need to understand that we are wholesalers, suppliers, factory and manufacture. 
Q8: How long does it take for you to deliver?
Ans: After getting your purchase confirmation, the average delivery period is 30-40 days.
Q9: Do you have any samples? Is it costless or not?
A: If the sample has a low value, we will send it to you for free, freight collect. However, we must collect the sample charge for some high-value samples. 
Q10: What is your payment procedure?
A: We accept almost all payment terms; however, it is dependent on the information provided by the buyer, client, or customers. 
Q11: What methods of payment do you embrace/accept/allow?
Ans: T/T, Western Union, PayPal, and so forth. We accept any payment term that is both comfortable and quick.
Q12: Do you have any certificates? 
Ans: ISO19001, ISO14001, ISO45001, BSCI, and other certifications.
Q13: What is the shipping service your company provides, normally?
Ans: We can assist with vessel booking, products consolidation, buyer declaration form, export document creation, and bulk delivery to the terminal.
Q14:Where is your delivery shipment place or location?
Ans: FOB Shanghai/Ningbo is our standard delivery period.
Q15: Do you have any delivery options?
Ans: We serve ship, air, and expedited delivery options.
Q16: How do you handle after-sales customer support?
Ans: We will give feedback immediately, and any issue will be resolved to the satisfaction of the customer.
Q17: What is your term of payment?
Ans: 30%(negotiable) down payment before producing and 70% balance payment before shipping.
Q18.How long will it take for me to receive the sample?
Ans: For samples, allow 3-5 business days.
Q19.How long will it take for mass manufacturing to begin?
Ans: For large production, allow 15-20 working days.
Q20: How many different types of packaging do you have?
Ans: We presently provide five different packagings, including a PE bag, a handbag, a zip lock bag, a multicolored box, and a white box.
Q21.Does the price includes the fright price?  
Ans: No, the price displayed on the website is the ex-factory price, freight payment needs to log in to your FEDEX, UPS account.
Q22.How much money will be save compare to furniture on other platform supply chain platforms? 
Ans: Save up to 5% or 10% than furniture, Gaming Chairs, Office Chairs, Racing Chairs,Computer Gaming Chairs,  peers on your qualifying purchase.
Q-23. How do I know if this product selling is well or not ? Whether it can continue to supply Gaming Chairs, Office chairs, Wholesale gaming chairs,or any kinds Furniture ?
We has an professional multi-functional team of customer service, product selection, logistics warehousing, and quality control. Due to the support of our customers and unremitting efforts of the team, lxsmarthome.com continues to maintain rapid growth
Q-24. About Gaming Chair Inventory?
Ans: Everyday has been changed. 
Q-25: Do you provide me me discount for the Gaming Chairs or Computer Gaming Chairs?
Ans: Yes, We can provide, but need a long discussion. 
Q26. How long will it take for my order to be fulfilled for Computer gaming chairs?
Ans: Depending on the quantity of your purchase, 30-35 days are typical for a 40'HQ container. Please provide the number and model of the products so that we can create a proper manufacturing or supplier plan.
Q27. As you are Supplier and Wholesaler of the Chairs, Is it feasible to bargain for a lower price?
Ans: Yes, discounts for container mixed or individual models will be considered.
Q28. How can I find out if my order is being processed or not?
Before shipment, we will verify and test all items for damage and missing parts. Before delivery, you will be emailed full inspection images of the order for your approval.
Q29: How long does your best Gaming chair come with a warranty?
A: Normally, gaming chairs or office chairs come with a two-year or three years guarantee. If the total value of the order is a lot, then we can discuss it. 
A: Yes, we can support and suggest 1 set for each model maximum, to save your shipping cost 

30: Do you take OEM and ODM orders?
Yes, we certainly can. Orders that are tailored to your specifications are always appreciated.
31: Is it a safe product to use?
Yes! Before we sell, we conducted a test. We've sold these chairs and tables to a variety of shops and distributors and have never received a complaint about their quality.
32:Is it okay to have a mixed order and a small order?
33: What should I do if the item is damaged during shipping?
Our customer care representatives will assist you with any inquiries or problems you may have. Before delivery, we will take images of well-packed merchandise in any case. Please inform us if there is any damage to the merchandise.
34: Do you accept OEM orders?
Yes, we certainly do.
You may provide us the information and our designer will take care of the rest.
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35. Why are your items more expensive than those made by other factories?
A: We utilize high-quality materials and do not use any mixed materials, and we make all of the chair's spare components ourselves.
We have machines that are self-contained. As a result, we'll be able to maintain quality.
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